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Some thoughts from the inside on the writing of ‘Fire and Ice’ for The Right Word

I spent a couple of hours one day this week talking about my Norwegian scorched earth book ‘Fire and Ice’ with a friend who’s starting out writing a new blog called The Right Word. My friend lives in Philadelphia and … Continue reading

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Scorched earth update: Bugøynes – the village that escaped the Nazi flames

The number of towns that escaped the flames of the scorched earth retreat by the Nazis from Norway in 1994 can be counted on the fingers of – probably – one hand. The most famous of those places is the … Continue reading

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The youths who pushed the Nazis out of Norway

On a  similar theme to the previous post, another member of the circle of enthusiasts sharing stories about the war in northern Norway has posted some pictures of the Red Army soldiers preparing for their offensive against the Nazis. Maybe … Continue reading

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True scale of scorched earth evacuation effort emerges with hotel manager Hansen key man

One of the incredible stories told in my book ‘Fire and Ice’ about the scorched earth burning and evacuation of northern Norway in 1944 is of the flood of refugees descending on the city of Tromso. Some forgotten details of … Continue reading

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The story of the secret love child from the tunnel… there were eleven babies, not ten, but the last one was German.

It’s one of the most famous stories in Norwegian wartime history: the ten babies born in the tunnels of an iron ore mine where 3,000 people sought refuge from the fighting as the Red Army liberated the town from the … Continue reading

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