Inside stories from my Norway scorched earth history book ‘Fire and Ice’ in Manchester this weekend

My book tour of northern England and the East Coast of the USA rolls into Manchester this weekend.

On Saturday October 17 I’ll be telling stories about the destruction and forced evacuation of northern Norway by the Nazis in 1944 and the writing of my book about this time: ‘Fire and Ice – the Nazis’ scorched earth campaign in Norway.’

Almost every building in the region known as Finnmark was torched. Entire towns were blown up, with bridges, harbours and ports put out of action so the Red Army couldn’t pursue the Nazis retreating from their front line in the far Arctic north around Kirkenes and Murmansk.

I travelled across the region meeting people who were there or who had lived with the consequences – and the stories they told me were shocking. Soviet prisoners were treated so brutally and starved so badly some resorted to cannibalism: 50,000 Norwegians were forced out of their homes into the sub-zero winter; a community of fishermen was murdered by Nazi commandos just two days before the war ended.

Kare Tannvik, whose family was burned out and who now runs an Ice Hotel in the far North of Norway told me: ‘1944 is Year Zero here. We don’t have a history.’

History of War magazine said of my book: ‘Hunt’s book is a huge success. Packed withdetail, meticulous research.. it’s absolutely essential reading.’

Last weekend I was the opening speaker at Wirral Bookfest, an amazing week of book-related events and guest speakers on Merseyside – and at the end of the month I’ll be giving some talks in New York and Washington DC to Norwegian-American groups.

Come and hear true stories of the scorched earth destruction of Norway and tales from my journey across the Arctic on Saturday October 17th at the Friends’ Meeting House, Peter Street, Manchester starting at 12 noon. Entrance is £2. Or check my website at

See you there.

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