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Tears still being shed for Guri the horse; refugees sing as they sail past their burning homes, the pain still felt today

When I was in Norway researching for my scorched earth book ‘Fire and Ice’ I knew how powerful the stories were, but it’s surprising how a little distance and a different audience can make a writer realise the depth of … Continue reading

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On first night of US-Norway book tour tales of Finnmark kids, ammunition and Gestapo men begging for mercy

I have taken my stories of the scorched earth destruction of wartime Finnmark and the far north of Norway on the road during the past few weeks: opening a literary festival in Merseyside at the beginning of the month and … Continue reading

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‘Fire and Ice’ stories go to Wirral Bookfest and Manchester Historical with plans being made for American talks too

This summer I’ll be taking scorched earth stories from my book ‘Fire and Ice – the Nazis’ scorched earth campaign in Norway’ on the road, giving some illustrated talks to historical societies and at book festivals. It’s a great opportunity … Continue reading

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‘Fire and Ice’ interview most viewed on Roz’s writer’s blog just weeks before US publication

The importance of social media to writers and readers is now well-established in today’s rapidly changing world and I’m delighted to say my account of the scorched earth destruction of Norway during the war ‘Fire and Ice’ is currently riding … Continue reading

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Gas boom town Hammerfest lay in scorched earth ashes 70 years ago

Seventy years ago in February 1945 the modern gas boom town of Hammerfest in the Norwegian Arctic was reduced to ashes by Nazi troops carrying out a scorched earth retreat in the face of a huge Red Army offensive. The … Continue reading

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A copy of scorched earth classic ‘They Burned Our Homes’ drops through my letter box … with a thud…

There is a heavy thud, and a ring on the doorbell. Parcel deliveries are a regular feature of this pre-Christmas period but this delivery is something special. A large cardboard box has landed in my hall. Inside is a copy … Continue reading

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Scorched earth update: Bugøynes – the village that escaped the Nazi flames

The number of towns that escaped the flames of the scorched earth retreat by the Nazis from Norway in 1994 can be counted on the fingers of – probably – one hand. The most famous of those places is the … Continue reading

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