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Stories of war and horror from the north of Norway at Friday drinks in a cosy Norwegian club in London

It was a great honour to be invited by Den Norske Klub in London to talk about my book ‘Fire and Ice’ and to share some of the stories I collected about the scorched earth destruction of the north of … Continue reading

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A copy of scorched earth classic ‘They Burned Our Homes’ drops through my letter box … with a thud…

There is a heavy thud, and a ring on the doorbell. Parcel deliveries are a regular feature of this pre-Christmas period but this delivery is something special. A large cardboard box has landed in my hall. Inside is a copy … Continue reading

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The youths who pushed the Nazis out of Norway

On a  similar theme to the previous post, another member of the circle of enthusiasts sharing stories about the war in northern Norway has posted some pictures of the Red Army soldiers preparing for their offensive against the Nazis. Maybe … Continue reading

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SCORCHED EARTH UPDATE: Tireless efforts by reporter and historian put names and faces to Northern Front veterans

The war in the far north of Norway was 70 years ago now, but modern methods are helping identify the men and women who found themselves caught up in it. What’s possible now in a period of almost universal computer … Continue reading

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